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Alpine hut "Hofelet" - rustic and cozy

Where man is still connected with nature, recreation, regeneration and joie de vivre are assured! Experience yourself anew, far away from stress and everyday life – in our alpine hut at the Thurntaler.

Enjoy your vacation from the first minute! The Hofelet Alm with its rustic cozy furnishings offers enough space for 2 to 8 people.

---- Enjoy naturalness

Live like anno dazumal in our alpine hut!

Sometimes only 2 and sometimes 8 people stay at our hut. What unites them all is the desire to experience a time as close to nature as possible in our magnificent mountain world.

Sleeping is in the parlor: 6 beds and a large box. Or in the cold chamber (that’s what our regulars call the 2 small bedrooms that you can’t heat).

Since there is little electric light, it is advantageous to arrive during the day. We are happy to bring your luggage to the hut by snowmobile in winter.

Pure coziness

The crackling of the fire in the kitchen, the dark wooden beams, the brick wood stove to store heat, the candlelight in the evening and a large table to eat comfortably. That’s how it was 100 years ago, and that’s how it is today. We want to preserve this so rare originality and coziness also in the future. Our guests appreciate that.

At about 2,000 m above sea level you can enjoy nature, the panorama, the tranquility. The “all-around-the-hut balcony” is just one of many possibilities.


A fountain in front of the cottage – or the warm bathroom inside!

Water temperature?

The way it trickles out from the mountain! (but in the bathroom there is also hot!)


The outhouse is now obsolete.


Candles and wood stove still provide the “certain something”
The one and other light bulb, however, makes it easier to find your way by day and night.


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